Innowhiz helps you drive innovation in the Transportation from product development to tracking. We offer solutions for companies to track the location and work of their employees for their extensive business growth. Our Transportation and logistics solution enables with many good features like user tracking, geofencing and alerts which helps the companies or home users to track their respective members. Innowhiz’s consumer goods solutions helps the customer to reach its clients by doing business better by creating supply chain management

Some of the features from our product includes:

  • User Management
  • Phone and Vehicle Tracking
  • Alert Management
  • Geofencing
  • Mobility and cloud



This is one of the sectors which heavily depends on information technology today. By the use of technology healthcare can improve patient care, better health for populations and reduction in individual healthcare costs. It is also used for covering operations and features like hospital management, administration, diagnostics, provider management, clinical management etc. Our expert team has already developed such applications for healthcare industry and is capable of fulfilling the increasing demand for technology in the healthcare industry more efficiently and cost-effectively.

IT Services helps the healthcare sector to:

  • Increase efficiency..
  • Maintain safety.
  • Optimized administration.
  • Improved accessibility.



In the manufacturing industry, many businesses still following the old form of paperwork which results the continuous problems and issues in the work flow. Our aim and focus is on optimally utilizing existing infrastructure with customization for process improvements to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and ensure quality and security by developing applications. Manufacturing companies has now realized the importance of customization and are ready to invest in the portals so as to maintain and grow their businesses.

Some of the features covered in the portal are:

  • Production Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Labor Management
  • Asset & Configuration Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Network Management
  • Remote Support


Public Sector

State and Local Governments are focusing on projects for the betterment  of the the economy and the social sector. The success of these projects depends ERP implementation and  data management. Today Public sector is facing some challenges like citizens high expectation and high budget pressures. We help public sectors to overcome these challenges and deliver them the solutions. With an expertise of already delivering state government with some applications successfully, Innowhiz is now focusing on other states as well by providing them security based applications and ERPs.

Our aim is to offer government sector with wide range of applications including web, mobile and ERP applications. As an add on we are soon in introducing some of our initiatives for helping the government with some apps in security domain.



E-Learning overcomes the problems regarding lack of education and resources. E-learning is a new way of learning, in today’s world where people and society is changing with technology this system gives a way of new education by making the bags lighter and paperless. Our solutions enable institutes and center in the education sector, to stay ahead in their market by giving the students a new and easier way of education. E-learning system includes:

  • User Management including teachers and students login
  • Online Videos and Documents
  • Online Tests
  • Courses and Topics Management
  • Student Tracking